Dancing With Her New Walker

Meisha Robinson, the eagle-eyed manager of St. Philip Neri’s medical equipment lending program, noticed someone leaving a church service with difficulty using a walker. That someone is named Deborah Jackson.

“Her old device was in bad shape and she appeared not to have good balance,” says Meisha.

“Mrs. Robinson approached me one morning after mass about a better walker,” says Deborah. “At first I resisted because I didn’t want to be a burden. She explained to me that she was the director of the Free Medical Equipment Program at St. Philip Neri and it wold not be a problem. I changed my mind with a gente nudge from her.”

“I told her we could offer a walker that includes a seat, so she could walk and rest when she needed to.”

“This was the best decision for me ever,” says Deborah (pictured below with her new walker). “The rollator walker has changed my life. My ‘BMW’ walker has given me more freedom. I now participate in fun activities. For example, I attended St. Philip Neri Steppers Set and danced with my rollator on the dance floor. I also participate in activities that include exercise. When I go shopping, I can travel down the aisles with ease. I travel more easily on Pace Transportation. I thank God that God sent Mrs. Robinson to me!”

New Business Connections

The organizers of the Notre Dame University Executive Business Council of Chicago received “great feedback” on Bob Shea’s presentation to that group earlier this month.

Devices 4 the Disabled was the featured community service organization at the meeting. Bob told the story of how he and Ed Kane founded D4D, and how we are helping those in need receive medical equipment to gain new mobility. The event enabled D4D to make new connections in the Chicago business community.

Here, Bob shows the Notre Dame group the Emmy we received from Brad Edwards of CBS Chicago.

Partners in Social Action


Our partner Am Shalom Reform Congregation in Glencoe has a strong commitment to social action, as evidenced by its many programs to feed the hungry, help Syrian refugees, and provide clothing for needy children.

In keeping with that commitment, last Thursday, Feb. 9, D4D was invited to Am Shalom’s Executive Board dinner. Bob Shea, Joel Heifitz, and Paul Goldman attended. All of us at D4D would like to thank Rabbi Stark Lowenstein for his very generous donation. Am Shalom already serves as a dropoff point for equipment for D4D, and we look forward to even closer cooperation in the future.

In this image from the Executive Board dinner, Bob Shea shows off the Emmy Award presented to us by Brad Edwards of CBS, while Paul Goldman looks on.

Last week, we passed along news of a wheelchair-enabled van we donated to Henry Aluyi, a retired Nigerian professor and U.S. citizen.

Here are some new photos of D4D’s staff (Bob Shea, Dan Popuch, and Meisha Robinson) with Mr. Aluyi and his family. The white van is in the background of one of the photos. Mr. Aluyi is holding the Emmy given to D4D by Brad Edwards of CBS.

Thanks for the Emmy!

There’s an energy that comes with doing good. Brad Edwards and Wendy Widom of CBS Chicago felt it when they won an Emmy for their report about D4D called “Bob, Ed, and Their Devices.” Brad decided to share the energy literally with D4D by giving us the Emmy he received for the story. On the left, Bob Shea and Medical St. Philip Neri Equipment Program Manager Meisha Robinson display the Emmy in front of St. Philip Neri Church. The location is only fitting because St. Philip Neri generates its own goodwill energy through a variety of community outreach projects. On the right is Brad himself accepting the Emmy. Thank you, Brad, and congratulations from D4D!

“He wasn’t trying to walk until he got the rollator.”

David Jarja wrote to us about his brother, Ebrima, who is pictured below:

“Ebrima, whose name means ‘The bread of the Jarju family.’ left the African nation of Gambia for Chicago purposely to pursue his master’s degree. He successfully completed his masters degree in Business Communication. He then decided to work in a Chicago grocery store to pursue his PhD. That was where he got shot in the head in February 2014. He suffered a  brain injury causing paralysis of the right hand and leg. Ebrima was using a wheelchair from 2014 up to now, but with the help of Ms. Meisha Robinson, Ebrima is able to walk using a rollator walker. Thank you so much for your support!”

“He wasn’t really trying to walk until he got the Rollator from me,” says Meisha, who manages the St. Philip Neri medical equipment program, which is supplied by D4D.

We found new rollators!

The term “rollator” isn’t well known, but the objects themselves are ones you have certainly seen being used out in the world by people who need help and stability walking. Rollators are walkers with wheels, hand brakes, and often, baskets that are excellent for shopping.

These are among the most frequently requested pieces of equipment we have. We never have enough, but that’s about to change.

We just ordered a dozen brand new rollators offered to us at a “deep discount” by Todd Taylor of Milliken Medical. Feel free to shop the Milliken website if there’s something you need that we don’t have. Thanks, Todd!

Caring for a Caregiver

This week we were able to help someone who has spent a career helping others in need.

This photo shows Father Tom Millea with our own Bob Shea. Father Tom was a chaplain working at Hines VA Hospital in the Chicago area. Unfortunately, he was hit by a truck in the parking lot at Hines and has been struggling with disabilities associated with the accident.

Father Tom had a manual wheelchair that limited his ability to get around the facility. D4D delivered a power w.c. that was originally donated to us by the Du Page County Convalescent Center. We can’t think of a better way to start 2017.

Bear Down, D4D

img_20161105_171557637-1Thanks to Brian McCaskey, senior director of business development with the Chicago Bears, for stopping by our suite at the exciting Ireland – New Zealand rugby match Saturday–a historic event at which Ireland won for the first time in 111 years. Brian is shown with Bob Shea, left, and D4D’s Dan Popuch, right.